Our mission

We are group of young confident people with modern molecular biology equipment in a small lab.
And we are eager to help all the dog breeders to prevent presence of inherited diseases in future generations.

Vetascien Limited is a Hong Kong based service company established to provide DNA testing for dog owners and breeders.

We care very much about diagnostic quality, we use only proved, well established and published methods that we can be deliver in very competitive price. We do not have any large research facility to be funded, but our enthusiasm is big enough.

What we do

  • We just do your testing in a way, that our prices stay lean and testing is fast.
  • We strive for test accuracy and correct interpretation.
  • We use field norm of duplicit checking of the results (two people will confirm your test results before it is published to you).

What we do NOT

  • We are very confidential about reports and we do not give your data to third parties.
  • We do not store your DNA samples or even offer long-term storing of them.

We are actively searching for more established tests that can be delivered in competitive price. Please contact us in case of any suggestions!