Although, we are able to analyze different types of material and DNA extraction can be performed on any tissue samples, blood samples etc., unfortunately, not all samples types are suitable for sending to our lab.


Blood samples are more robust and we recommend them for all customers. Experienced breeders can use cheek swabs samples, but be warned that these samples can easily be contaminated or made unusable during transport if inappropriately handled or packaged.

Blood samples

  • Blood collection must be performed only by veterinary specialist!
  • You must use tube with with anticoagulant - EDTA (violet).
  • Collect 0.5 - 1 ml of blood to small tube, Please shake blood well after collection.
  • Tube must be labeled or marked with sample number or clear sample identification.
  • Use new syringe and new needle for every animal.
  • Store it in fridge (4℃ / 25℉), do not freeze it!
  • Keep everything sterile!
  • Put tubes in envelope and sent them to us. We recommend to wrap tubes in some paper tissue to prevent breaking and/or you can use bubble envelope.
  • In very rare situation that your blood sample is not suitable for analysis, we will do the analysis on new sent blood sample without any additional cost.

Cheek swabs samples

  • Collection is performed by customer, so you do not need veterinary specialist.
  • Use sterile brushes! Take brushes out of sealed packages just before sample collection.
  • To be sure, please use 2 brushes for every animal.
  • After collection, let brush dry in your hand for 20-30 seconds.
  • Put both brushes for one animal in a small separate envelope. Do not use sealed plastic packaging! It's ok to let the brushes dried in small envelope but it is bad to let some bacteria cultivate in wet sealed enviroment!
  • Send samples the day of collection because samples quality slowly deteriorate with time.
  • If delivered sample is found not suitable for analysis, we will request another blood sample for the same animal and we will do the analysis on this new blood sample without any additional cost.

Collection kits

We do not supply any individual sample collection kits at this moment. You can buy these standard supplies in your country. We can supply you large package (10, 20, 30, 100 pc and more) of buccal swabs or EDTA tubes on requests. Our prices: collection kit prices :

Cheek swabs collection kits incl. international shipping and payment via PayPal
Kit size Price
10 sterile swabs 9.30 USD
20 sterile swabs 14.30 USD
30 sterile swabs 36.60 USD
100 sterile swabs 53.80 USD

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Result of the test is color printable certificate delivered in PDF to your e-mail immediately after analysis.

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